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Workshop on importance of communication skills to business

The Foundation of Business April 2018 intake and new intake July 2018 from the faculty of Business and Management recently attended a talk with Razif Hashim (actor/entrepreneur) of F Talent. There were one hundred students who attended this talk with him from 9 am to 4.30 pm.

The morning session emphasized on topic of self-discovery of students. It focused on the topics such as gaining more confidence in communication to enhance students competency in class presentation and participation. This competency is deem important for students to enable them to adapt better in the changes on environment in the business world which requires students to be more competent in their communication skills. Students were also encouraged to be more focused in some activities which were organized during this session to educate them to stay focused and mindful in class.

The afternoon session kicked off with sessions related to the business world. Razif spoke to the Foundation in Business students on suggestions on what is important for a business start- up based on his experience. He emphasized that in order to start up a good business framework it is important to understand what the customers are looking for and businesses should be there to solve problems. The product or business proposed should be geared more towards serving the needs of the customers. Students broke into team and proposed their business plan. They were asked and encouraged to present their ideas to elevate their confidence in presentation skills.

Overall, the Foundation of Business students wrapped up the session with knowledge on good communication skills and some tips on what is important to start up a business.


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