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Woke Wednesdays Wrap Up First Series in Style

QIU’s Woke Wednesdays have become a fixture for the University, and we’re proud to report that it’s growing bigger and better than ever!


Today was the third edition of our unique speaker’s corner, and (sadly) it was also the final edition for the first half of the year.


And the event certainly lived up to the occasion, with the largest crowd we’ve seen so far! Our Student Lounge was filled to the brim and we even spotted fascinated students watching the speakers from outside the lounge!


The first speaker was Biomedical Science student Ivan Kong, who delivered a talk on ‘Our Superpower’, focusing on our powers of imagination. He was followed by Foundation in Arts student Sri Gauttem Kaunder Sivakumar who spoke about power of self esteem, courage and risk taking in his talk on the ‘Importance of Self Confidence’.


Medical student Monissha Thiagu kept the momentum going strong by holding a microscope to the concept of parents as absolute authority figures in her fascinating speech on the ‘Idealisation of Parenthood’.


Meanwhile, Foundation of Science student Muhamad Syawal Aidil Baharom talk was titled ‘Equality and Equity’ that delved into gender rights and economic allocation, and finally, we wrapped up with an impassioned examination of feminism from FIA student Amrit Kaur.


Now, we’ve told you that this is the last Woke Wednesdays for the first half of the year, but fret not – we’re coming back better than ever!


We’ll be back in October with more passion, more insight, and more voices than ever before. So in the meantime, prepare your topics and polish your speaking skills as we want you to join our esteemed list of speakers. Until the next session, stay woke!



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