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Once again, we gave them the stage – and once again, they brought the house down.
QIU’s second Woke Wednesday proved to be a hit yet again, as our student speakers lit up the stage with erudite, insightful and entertaining speeches.
This time, we saw four fantastic speakers from the Faculty of Science carrying on the torch from the inaugural Woke Wednesday, last month.
Once again, we were treated to an array of different topics that reflected the different perspectives brought to the table by our diverse speakers.
The event was kicked off by Yearim Arba Yorkaef Hutagulung, who delivered a daring and insightful talk on the ‘Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Damn’, delving into the concept of self-preservation through the reduction of overthinking.
Reshmi Ravindran and Naimi Amni Abdul Aziz held court on the pertinent topic of climate change, discussing ways students could help protect and save the environment by affecting change both big and small.
Returning to more introspective discourse, Fathmath Nadha spoke on the topic of ‘Never Letting Negative Emotions Define You’ – an inspiring speech that spoke to the power of positive thinking.
The atmosphere of the event was loose and casual, with several sharp questions coming from the crowd of students and academics.
Many of the queries were sharp and challenging, but our speakers dealt with them in a composed and informative manner, sparking spirited debate.
In short, we all had a great time. If you missed the latest Woke Wednesday, fear not – there’s another one coming soon! Keep an eye out for any updates and as always, stay woke!
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