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The university’s inaugural open-mic event known as Woke Wednesday kicked off its second series yesterday, giving bright young individuals the platform to speak on topics they are passionate about.

And boy oh boy, were they passionate!

Our student speakers comprised of Biotechnology students Fathima Zahraa Ozeer, Adarsh (Bhuvesh) Khupulteea, Yearim Arba Yorkaef Hutagalung and Foundation in Science student Nabila Abdelaziz.

Seasoned speaker Zahraa started the session with her speech “To Independence and Beyond” which highlighted the double standards faced by young girls in many societies.

This was followed by newcomer Nabila who gave the audience an educational and eye-opening talk on the 6 levels of validation with her speech “Is Validation Valid?”

Next, Adarsh’s exploration of ‘Domestic Violence: A Threat’ delved into a tricky subject, triggering a spirited discussion of whether physical punishment still played a relevant role in the modern household.

Last and definitely not least was the always-entertaining Yearim who opened new perspectives in a literal manner with his talk on “The Art of Asking”, which encouraged the audience to be unafraid of questions and embrace their curiosity.


The start of the second series was a hit as audience were also given the opportunity to engage in the Q&A bit with our captivating speakers.

If you have something that you are passionate about and are not afraid to get candid about it, then we greatly encourage you to come and be part of Woke Wednesday!

Until next time, Stay Woke guys!

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