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Traditional games relived at Akshaya 3 event

The Hindu society of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) today organized the AKSHAYA 3 – Akshaya International event. This one-day was attended by 800 people including students from universities, colleges and polytechnics from all over the nation.

This event was the third of its kind and proved to be one the best. The objective of the event was to create awareness and understanding about “Heritage of Traditional Indian Games” while fostering unity and friendship amongst students and the community. Besides that, it presented an opportunity for students to hone their leadership skills and also to foster unity among students of different races in line with 1Malaysia concept.

A host of exciting Indian traditional games and performances entertained the audience. During the event which was held at the Cultural Hall in Ipoh, students from different colleges challenged one another in traditional games like uriyadi (smashing a hanging pot with a long stick while blindfolded), eating sugar cane, antakshari, maaruvedam and others. Apart from the games, the students also formed teams to compete in the designing of the 1Malaysia kolam as well as saree and vesti draping and folk dance competitions.

The opening of the event was officiated by Dato’ A. Paramasivam, former Deputy Commissioner of Police Perak, currently General Manager for Security, Safety, Health and Environment for Malaysian Resources Corporation Berhad, which saw the students perform a torch relay to light the lamp and a beautiful Barathanathiyam dance.

The event provided an opportunity for students of different cultures to witness and learn about Indian heritage games. It was heartwarming to see Chinese and Malay students as well as International students taking part in some of the competitions.

Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Nicholas Goh congratulated the organising committee for their hard work and said that cultural events such as this will always be supported by the university.

“Although this was an event by Hindu Society, I am proud to say that students from all races and international students participated in organising the event which truly reflects the spirit of 1Malaysia” added Mr Goh.

In closing the event, Tan Sri Dato’ S. Veerasingam, former Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Deputy Minister said the event provided an opportunity for the students to relive and promote the Tamil heritage through traditional games and competitions which the younger generations rarely have a chance to see nor participate in it.

“The event also allows students from various colleges and universities to interact and at the same time learn to appreciate the cultural heritage of different races,” he said.


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