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The Ultimate Mauritius Cultural Experience

We spent a fun-filled afternoon of Mauritius Day which was held at the University cafeteria with the aim of celebrating the increasing Mauritian student population at QIUP who have chosen the university as the place to obtain their tertiary education as well to mingle around and getting to know more about their beautiful culture.

This is part of the International days organised to get to know the different countries our International students come from. Currently, 15 countries are represented in QIUP with the numbers set to grow.

Since food has attained the status of a cultural expression that speaks the similarities among us, members of the staffs and students of QIUP had earlier experienced an exciting lunch break dipping in both the food and culture of Mauritius through treats to exotic tastes and aromas of local dishes from Mauritius, such as Cheese Pasta, Yogurt Au Fruits Dessert, Pumpkin Gratin, Cheese Croquettes, and Stew Potatoes prepared by our Mauritian students namely Sameerah Ramjane (Bachelor of Finance), Mahoboob Zaheerah (Foundation in Science) and Mahoboob Hussianah (Foundation in Science) as well as enjoying showcases of short clippings, music videos that depicts the best of Mauritius!

All and all, it was a lovely occasion and we had tons of FUN!


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