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They came, they spoke, and they shone – and we just can’t wait to hear them again.

QIU’s inaugural ‘Woke Wednesday’ open mic event got off to a flying start here today, as five fantastic speakers sparkled on stage at the Student Lounge.

Today’s event was designed to provide our students with a platform to express themselves, while also building their confidence and public speaking skills.

Reflecting the cultural melting-pot of our student body, the speakers came from a variety of nationalities, courses, and backgrounds – and this diversity shone through in the variety of topics covered during the event.

Journalism student Mubashir Noor got the ball rolling with a speech on ‘Freedom to Fail’, while Advertising student Ruth Wilson Das followed it up with an impassioned talk about Depression and Self Harm.

Fellow Advertising student Kourtney Goh held court on the environmental crisis surrounding plastic misuse, while Biotechnology student Fathima Zahraa Ozeer enlightened the crowd on ‘How Far Generational Limits Can Be Taken’.

Journalism student Saundarya Ramesh – a polyglot herself – spoke on the benefits of multilingualism and even wowed the crowd with a display of fluent Chinese.

All in all, it was a cracking event and the speakers’ performances are sure to inspire many of their peers to follow suit. And that can only mean that we are in for more fascinating discussions and opinions coming from our talented students.

Congratulations to our speakers and everyone who made the event a success. Of course, here’s the best part: the next Woke Wednesday is only three weeks away! Stay woke!

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