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Prof. Ir. Dr. Ahmad Faizul Shamsudin

Faculty of Science and Technology


  • BSc (Mech Eng.) Brighton Polytech UK 1977
  • M.Eng (Mech Eng) Katholieke Univ Leuven Belgium 1986
  • PhD (Industrial Sc.) Uniten Putrajaya 2012

Major Research Interests

  • Transition Energy, AI, Engineering , cryptography, Thermodynamics, Game Theory, Robotics

Teaching Interests

  • Ai, Mechanics of Machines, Machine designs, Hydraulics & Pneumatics
Teaching and Research Experience
  • IIUM (May 1999- June 2012), taught Degree, Masters in AI, OOP, Project Management, Research Methodology
  • Principal researcher FRGS and Technofund: USAS ( June 2012-July 2020), taught Diploma, Degree, Masters, Phd in Embedded sys, System Analysis & Designs, Project Management, Professional Ethics, Principal subproject LRGS;   QuestIntUniv (Aug 2020- July 2022) taught BME students Machine Designs, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, submiited as Principal Researcher PRGS july 2020
  • Board of Engineers Malaysia,  Professional Engineering with Practicing Certificate 2021 (CI8013) Mechanical

Research interest in 2021;

LRGS: Re-engineering COVID19 vaccine and therapeutics technology and their multi-cultural acceptance

FRGS-1: Thermodynamics of COVID19 and material handling

FRGS-2: Micro machine designs for COVID19

  • New teaching methods and subjects;
  • Google meet
  • Google classroom
  • Fluid Power
  • Strength of Materials
  • Machine Dynamics
  • 2 Phd topics on machine theory and man-,machines
Committee involvement

IPD evaluation committee

  • A.Faizul Shamsudin, et. al. (2018). Transition Theory in Decision Making for Regional Peace amongst disputing nations in event of nuclear radioactive contamination in South China Sea. Scorpus GJAT vol.2, 16.
  • A.Faizul Shamsudin, et. al. (2012). Developing an emergent theoretical framework for artificial pseudo-gene communication pathway in DNA computing, IEEE ICASIS 2012, catalog no. CPR1219-PRT , ISBN 978-979-1421-15-7
  • A.Faizul Shamsudin, et. al. (2011). Value-based heuristics in policy analysis of renewable energy pricing and its incentives. Scorpus IEOM Proceedings for Int. Conf. on Industrial Engineering and Operations Management, Vol.1, Australia
  • A Faizul Shamsudin, et. al. (2009). Meta-magical themes for computer generated pseudo-genes. LNC Proc. of 1st Makaysia jount Conf on AI, ISBN 978-983-42887-2-3, Springer- Verkag ( Comp. Sc. Ed.), Berlin Germany
  • A.Faizul Shamsudin et. al. (2013), Development of M-computing for personal data protection against abnormal attacks. IEEE proc. 5th Intm Conf. on Information and Communication Technology for Muslim, Rabat Morocco.
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