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Prof. Dr. Shakila Srikumar

Professor and Head of Biochemistry,
Faculty of Medicine


  • MBBS, MD Biochemistry

Teaching & Research Experience:

  • Teaching Experience: 20+ years

Research Interest

  • Biomarkers of cardiovascular diseases
  • Cancer biomarkers
Administrative Appointments /Committee Involvements
  • Chairperson, Mentor-Mentee Committee
  • Chairperson, Teaching/Learning Committee
  • Head of the Department, Biochemistry, FOM
  • Coordinator, Gastrointestinal and Metabolism module
  • Member, Vetting committee,
  • Member, Assessment committee
  • Member, Faculty Academic Board
Professional Involvement
  • Life member of Association of Medical Biochemists of India
  • Member, Indian Medical Association
  • Consultant Editor, Advances in Medical Education and Practice, Dove Press
  • Editor for WebmedCentral (Aging, Clinical Biochemistry specialty)
  • Editorial board member for international journals: International journal of biomedical sciences
  • Editorial board member for international journals: Asia Pacific Journal of Biomedical Science
  • Reviewer for Dove Medical Press,  (publishers of Open Access peer-reviewed journals across the broad spectrum of science, technology and especially medicine):
  • Reviewer for Journal of Vascular Health and Risk Management
  • Reviewer for Journal of Advances in Medical Education and Practice
  • Reviewer for Dynamed, an evidence based scientific website
  • Reviewer for Science journal publications
  • Reviewer for Journal of Phytotherapy Research
Selected Publications
  • Omar B. Latiwesh, Mustafa Y. G. Younis, Srikumar Shakila, Fatima Abdulmalik, Jamal A. Alammari, Yupa Min, Azhar Hussain, Jagannadha Rao Peela. Hepatic Enzymes Changes in Chronic Kidney Disease patients- A Need for Modified Reference Values. J. Evolution Med. Dent. Sci. 2018;7(16):1949-1954, DOI: 10.14260/jemds/2018/439. https://doi.org/10.14260/jemds/2018/439
  • Abdalla Mohammed Jarrari, Shakila Srikumar, Wahid M. El Sheriff, Noah Mohammed Hamed Aljarari, Sara A. Shoaib, Ahmed M. Zakoko, Dawoodi Fakruddin, Mohammed G. Elfturi, Aaren Vedangi, Anuradha Argi, Avinash K. Rawal, Yupa Min , Azhar Hussain, Laxmi Teja Peela, Jagannadha Rao Peela. Serum Testosterone Levels in Statin Therapy for Patients with Diabetes and Hypertension. 2018, volume 9, issue 1, pages 77-83. DOI: 10.1615/IntJPhysPathophys.v9.i1.90. https://doi.org/10.1615/IntJPhysPathophys.v9.i1.90
  • Hanaa K Elhawari, Farag ElShaari, Hanan M Bugaigis, Mustafa Younis, Agila A Elbadri, Hayam Abdalla, Suvra Biswas, Avinash K Rawal, Dawoodi Fakruddin, Shakila Srikumar, Yupa Min, Aaren Vedangi, Anuradha Argi, Idris Elbarassi, Azhar Hussain, Kin Darli Tun, Laxmi Teja Peela and Jagannadha Rao Peela. “Leptin and Adiponectin and their Relationship to Drugs, Hypertension, Diabetes, and Body Mass Index in Left Ventricular Heart Failure Patients”. July 2018. EC Nutrition 13(7): 519-526. https://www.ecronicon.com/nutrition.php
  • M. Jarari, Satyanarayana Chanamallu, Saeid Omer Alsaeoti, Hayam El Awamy, Noah Mohammed Jarari, Munira G gadeer, Shakila Srikumar, Sainath Jagannadh Dhoipode, Dawoodi Fakruddin, Avinash K Rawal, Jagannadha Rao Peela, Aaren Vedangi. Circulating Tumor Markers of Benign and Malignant Breast Disorders in Libya. Volume-8, Issue-3 | March-2018 | ISSN – 2249-555X | IF : 5.397 | IC Value : 86.18. https://wwjournals.com/index.php/ijar/article/view/2698
  • Abdalla M. Jarari, Awad M. Abdelstar Alhasnony, Nouh M.H. Aljarari, Ayman S. Abdelsalam, Mustafa Younis, Osama Hussein Al Deeb, Shakila Srikumar,G. Dawoodi, Yupa Min, Abdul Rehman Said, Sathish Kumar Thammiraju, Avinash K Rawal and Peela Jagannadha Rao, Effect of long duration sevoflurane anesthesia on liver function. wjpmr, 2017,3(2), 196-200. http://www.wjpmr.com/home/archive_show/2017/19/VOLUME-3-MARCH-ISSUE-2
  • Nura Naseb Mohamed, Khalid Saleh Gharib, Shakila Srikumar, Avinash K Rawal, Peela Jagannadha Rao, Peela Laxmi Teja, Anuradha Argi and Laxmi Kalpana Veerathu. Role of HbA1c and Microalbuminuria as early markers of Nephropathy in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus. Indian Journal of Applied Research. Volume – 7 | Issue – 3 | March – 2017 | ISSN – 2249-555X | IF: 4.894 | IC Value : 79.96. Journal DOI : 10.15373/2249555X. https://doi.org/10.15373/2249555X
  • Nura Mohammed Naseb, Ramesh Naidu Yedla, Khalid Saleh Gharib, Jagannadha Rao Peela, Shakila, Abdul Rehaman Said, Laxmi Teja Peela, Sobha Devi Kolla, Sainath Jagannath Doiphode, Anuradha Argi, V. Laxmi Kalpana, Avinash Rawal and Soe Naung. Correlation between Glycated Haemoglobin and Serum Lipids in Type 2 Diabetics in Eastern Libya. British Journal of Medicine & Medical Research. 11(5): 1-7, 2016, Article no.BJMMR.18537. ISSN: 2231-0614, NLM ID: 101570965. http://sciencedomain.org/review-history/11608
  • Noah Jarari, Narasinga Rao, Jagannadha Rao Peela, Khaled A. Ellafi, Srikumar Shakila, Abdul R. Said, Nagaraja Kumari Nelapalli, Yupa Min, Kin Darli Tun, Syed Ibrahim Jamallulail, Avinash Kousik Rawal, Ranjani Ramanujam, Ramesh Naidu Yedla, Dhilip Kumar Kandregula, Anuradha Argi and Laxmi Teja Peela. A review on prescribing patterns of antihypertensive drugs. Clinical Hypertension 2016 22:7. https://doi.org/10.1186/s40885-016-0042-0
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