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Prof. Dr. N. Vijayalakshmi

Professor and Coordinator of Phase I,
Faculty of Medicine


  • M.Sc (AIIMS,New Delhi)
  • Ph.D (JIPMER,Pondicherry)

Teaching & Research Experience:

  • 34 years
  • Teaching Medical Microbiology-MBBS,MD,B.Sc (MLT),B.Pharm,BDS,B.Sc (Nursing), Bachelor in Physiotherapy
  • Research-Antimicrobial susceptibility of Burkholderia pseudomallei,bacterial pathogens of diarrohea,UTI,Etiopathogenesis of acute adeno lymphangitis in lymphatic filariasis

Major Research Interests

  • Drug resistance in bacteria
  • Health care associated infections
  • Melioidosis
Administrative Appointments /Committee Involvements
  • MBBS Programme Coordinator-Phase I (Pre-Clinical)
  • Chairman safety Committee-FoM
  • Member of following committes of FoM
  • Management committee,Curriculum committee,Vetting committee,Evaluation and Assessment committee
Professional Involvement
  • Reviewer for following journals : Indian Journal of Medical Microbiology,Interdisciplinary perspectives in infectious diseases
Selected Publications
  • Muhammad RA Hassan, Natesan Vijayalakshmi, Subhada Prasad Pani, Ng P Peng, Ranjith Mehenderkar, Kirtanaa Voralu and Edwin Michael  (2014) Antimicrobial Susceptibility Patterns Of Burkholderia pseudomallei among Melioidosis Cases In Kedah, Malaysia. South East Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 45 (3): 680-688
  • Radzi, M., Pani, S.P., Peng, Ng P, Voralu, K. Vijayalakshmi, N., Mehanderkar, R, Norasmidar A. Aziz & and Edwin Michael (2010). Incidence, risk factors and clinical epidemiology of melioidosis: a complex socio-ecological emerging infectious disease in the Alor Setar region of Kedah, Malaysia. BMC Journal of Infectious Diseases 10302. http://www.biomedcentral.com/1471-2334/10/302
  • Radzi, M., Raihan, N., VijayalakshmiN., Pani, S.P (2009) Diagnostic challenge of gastrointestinal tuberculosis: a report of 34 cases and an overview of literature. South East Asian Journal of Tropical Medicine and Public Health. 40.(May 2009).
  • Vijayalakshmi, N., Rao, R.S., M.P. Anand Kumar, Yuvaraj, J. and Pani S. P. (2000) Role of aerobic bacteria in the aetio-pathogenesis of acute adeno-lymphangitis in filarial lymphoedema. Progress in Lymphology – XVII, 165.
  • Vijayalakshmi, N., Rao, R.S. and Badrinath, S. (1997). Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) of some antibiotics against Vibio cholerae O139 isolates from Pondicherry. Epidemiology and Infection, 119; 25 –28.
  • Vijayalakshmi, N., Mohapatra, L.N. and Bhujwala, R.A. (1980) Biological Characters and antimicrobial sensitivity of Staphylococcus epidermidis isolated from human source. Indian J Med Res, 72; 16 – 22.
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