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Mr. Pugazhandhi Bakthavatchalam


  • M.Sc (Medical Anatomy)

Teaching & Research Experience:


  • Lecturer, Anatomy, QIU (Quest International University Perak), Perak, Malaysia, 28th July 2015 till present
  • Assistant Professor, Anatomy, Padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Medical College (DYP World Wide LTD), Ebene, Cybercity, Mauritius, 14th January 2014 till 7th May 2015 (1 Year + 4 Months)
  • Lecturer, Anatomy, Manipal College of Medical Sciences (MCOMS), Pokhara, Nepal, April 2011 to  8th January 2014 ( 2 Years + 9 Months)


  • Effect of Phthalate in the ovary of the Wistar Rats.
  • Anatomical variation in the branches of the celiac trunk.
  • Analysis of arterial anatomy of thyroid gland in Karnataka population
  • A study on the Morphology, Histology and the Morphometry of the Human Placenta and its Clinical Relevance in Nepalese population.

Research Interest

  • Teratogenic effect of Phthalate in the foetal brain(Hippocampal region) Wistar Rats.
  • Morphological and Histological study of placenta and its correlation in Normal and hypertensive pregnancies
Professional Involvement
  • Editorial Board Member:

    • 1.Medical Science ISSN – 2321-5291
    • 2.Nepal Journal of Epidemeology- ISSN –2091-0800
Selected Publications

Book Published: 1

  1. Co-authored in: Book on P Drug Selection Indrajit Banerjee, Banerjee Indraneel, Bakthavatchalam Pugazhandhi, LAP LAMBERT Academic publication, Germany

Research papers: 11 International, 4 National

  1. Ovarian Development in Wister rat Treated Prenatally with Single Dose Diisobutyl Phthalate Biswabina R, D’ Souza AS, Kumar V, Pugazhandhi B, D’Souza MR, Nayak D, Sushma RK, Shetty P, Singh H, Krishna L, Kumar MR Bhat, Anuradha CKR, Chakraborti S, Kumar N , Saxena A [BRATISLAVIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL ,No. 135/2012 ]
  2. Antony Sylvan D’Souza, Vijayalakshmi, Hemalatha, Pugazhandhi, Mamatha et al. Anatomical Variations in the Branches of the Coeliac Trunk JCDR/2012/3875:0000
  3. Rajesh THANGARAJAN, Pugazhandhi BAKTHAVATCHALAM, Bhagath Kumar POTU, Huban Rajaratnam THOMAS et al. Anatomical Variation of the Flexor Digitorum Brevis Muscle Revisited: a Case report from South Indian Population. International Journal of Anatomical Variations ,December 21,(2010) 3: 211–213
  4. Morphology of the superior gluteal nerve: a study in adult human cadavers A. S. D’ Souza, Biswabina Ray, Alok Saxena, Dayanand Nayak, Sushma R.K., Prasad Shetty, Pugazhendi B [BRATISLAVIAN MEDICAL JOURNAL , No. 287/2011]
  5. Analysis of arterial anatomical variations of thyroid gland: anatomic guide for surgical   neck dissection [BRATISLAVA MEDICAL JOURNAL (BMJ) s.no: 534/2010]
  6. Ophthalmological, ENT complications in dissection lab – sharing experiences of medical students from Nepal , Roy B1, Pugazhandhi B2 , Banerjee I3, Sathian B4, Khan I A5, Mondal M6, Upadhya R7 [NEURONS 2014;1(1): 16-22 , January 2014 Volume -1 Issue – 1]
  7. Treatment and the impact of Age, Gender and occupation on Neurotic, stress-related and Somatoform disorders: A study from Nepal , Banerjee I1*, Roy B2, Sathian B3, Banerjee I4, Pugazhandhi B5, Jauhari AC6, Saha A7, Chakraborty PK8 [NEURONS 2014;1(1): 10-15, January 2014 Volume -1 Issue – 1]
  8. Impact of ethnicity, unemployment and economy on mental disorders : A study from Western Nepal Banerjee I1, Banerjee I2, Roy R3, Sathian B4, Khadka S5, Chakraborty PK6, Saha A7, Pugazhandhi B8 [Nepal Journal of Epidemiology 2014; 4(1): 306-15 ]
  9. Effect of Energy Drink consumption on health of Medical students: First study reported from Nepal Indrajit Banerjee1, Pugazhandhi B2, Indraneel Banerjee3, Bedanta Roy 4, BrijeshSathian5 Nepal Journal of Epidemiology 2014;4(2) Copyright © 2014 CEA& INEA Published online by NepJOL-INASP
  10. Neurological and autonomic manifestations in Anatomy dissection lab: A cross – sectional study from Nepal, Roy B, Banerjee I, Sathian B, Pugazhandhi B, Khan I A, Upadhya R NEURONS 2014;1(1): 3-9 , January 2014 Volume -1 Issue – 1
  11. Assorted Injuries during Sport Activities among Preclinical Medical Students: A Cross Sectional Study in a Medical College of Nepal Banerjee Indrajit 1, Mukherjee Roan 2*, Banerjee Indraneel 3, Banerjee Shantimoy 4, Sathian Brijesh 5, Bakthavatchalam Pugazhandhi 6 European Journal of Academic Essays 1(3): 108-112, 2014 ISSN: 2183-1904
  12. Etiological Factors of Non Alcohol Non Gallstone Related Acute Pancreatitis: A Cross sectional hospital based study from Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata, West Bengal Banerjee I1, Banerjee I2, Das K N 3, Sathian B4, Pugazhandhi B5, Roy B6,Banerjee S M7, Khadka S8, Nepal Journal of Epidemiology 2014; 4(3): 351-62
  13. Psychiatric illnesses among Dalit Nepalese population Banerjee I1, Saha A2, Banerjee I3, Chakraborty PK4, Jauhari A C5, Sathian B6, Roy B7, Pugazhandhi B8, Khadka S 9, Nepal Journal of Epidemiology 2014; 4(3):370-77
  14. Teaching Aids in Pharmacology Teaching and Learning Methodology: A Study from a Medical College of Nepal Banerjee I 1*, Roy B 2, Sathian B 3, Pugazhandhi B4, Saha A1, Banerjee I5, International Journal of Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies,2013,Vol 1,No.1,1-7.
  15. Is energy drink safe? A cross sectional study on the effects of energy drink on medical students from a medical school of Nepal Banerjee I1, Pugazhandhi B2, Banerjee I3, Sathian B4, Nagpal PR5, Roy B6 Nepal Journal of Epidemiology; Vol 5, No 1 (2015)
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