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Dr. Nasrin Habib

Senior Lecturer,
Faculty of Medicine


  • MBBS
  • MPHIL  (Medical Physiology)
  • MPH (Master of Public Health)

Teaching & Research Experience:

  • 15 years Teaching experience, 13 Years of research experience

Research Interest

  • Blood pressure, Diabetes, Serum lipids, Smokers & Non-smokers, Cataract
Administrative Appointments /Committee Involvements
    • Coordinator of OSPE(Physiology)
    • Faculty of Medicine, AIMST  UNIVERSITY (2013—2015)
    •  Supervising Special Study Module (SSM) of AIMST MBBS students as a part of the academic curriculum.
    •  Coordinator of Post Graduate (MSc Physiology) — AIMST  UNIVERSITY (2014—2015)
    • Coordinator of Biomedical science  (Human Physiology) — Faculty of Medicine , QUEST INTERNATIONAL   UNIVERSITY (2015- CONTINUE)

    Research Guidance:
    Co-supervisor for Postgraduate student – (MSc Medical Physiology) in 2015 (continue) at  AIMST UNIVERSITY

Professional Involvement
  • Member of the physiological society of APS (American Physiological Society) Regular  member ID (00179408)
  • Member of  Physiology Society in UK-(Associate membership)
  • (ID 133679)
  • Member of  Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and PhysiologyMember of   Bangladesh  Medical Dental Council (BMDC) General ( 41418)
  • Life member of Bangladesh Medical Association
  • Member of  Bangladesh Society of Physiologists (BSP)
Selected Publications
  • Published book: 2
  • SCOPUS Cited Publications: 1
  • Two research book:
    1. Blood Pressure Parameters: Study on Smoker and Smokeless Tobacco Users.(ISSN: 9783-659399749)
    2. Childhood Cataract: Diagnosis, Treatments, Outcome(.(ISSN: 9783-65939959-6) Lambert Academic Publishing.(LAP),GERMANY,  2015

Selected Publications

  1.  Case Report Adolescent pregnancy , A Social Stigma.MOJ Anatomy & Physiology – 2015 COM MOJAP –Volume 1 Issue 5 – 2015 (QUEST AFFILIATION)
  2. Review Article, Shoulder Dystocia: The Frightening Emergencies,MOJ Anatomy & Physiology – 2015 COM MOJAP –Volume 1 Issue 5 – 2015  (QUEST AFFILIATION)
  3. Effect of endurance training on lipid profile in female athletes (Volume 33 Number-1-2, June-December 2014) – JOBSOM (Journal of Preventive & Social Medicine) in Bangladesh , PUBLISHED 2015
  4. Mental stress among school teachers of Dhaka city, (Volume 33 Number-1-2, June-December 2014 ) — JOBSOM (Journal of Preventive & Social Medicine) in Bangladesh
  5. Effect of Physical Exercise on Some Hematological Parameters in Female Athletes in Bangladesh. Journal of Nepal Medical Association (JNMA), an ISI indexed journal—-ISI (Thomson-Reuters), PubMed & SCOPUS— J Nepal Med Assoc 2014;52(195):892-96
  6. Habib N, Rashid M, Begum USN, Akhter N, Akhter D.Blood pressure parameters among smokers and smokeless tobacco users in a tertiary level hospital. Medicine Today 2013 Vol.25(1): 28-31
  7. Habib N, Akhter N, Begum N, Begum USN, Akther D, Parveen MH. Lung Function and Chronic Exposure to Air pollution A Study on adolescent male of urban area. J. Dhaka National Med. Coll. Hos. 2012; 18 (02): 58-60.
  8. Habib N, Rashid M, Begum USN, Akhter N, Akhter D. Effect of smoking on blood sugar and serum lipids in smoker and nonsmoker stroke patient. Journal of Medical Science & Research. 2011 Jan: 16(1):25-9.
  9. Habib N, Akther D, Amin R, Begum USN, Akhter N, Islam M, Rahman A. Serum Total Cholesterol and Triglyceride Status in Female Athletes. J Bangladesh Soc Physiol. 2010 December; 5(2): 71-74.
  10. Habib N, Rashid M, Amin MR, Begum USN, Akhter N, Akhter D, Rahman MN. Cardiovascular changes in smoker and nonsmoker male stroke patients. Journal of Medical Science & Research. 2010 Jan: 14(1):32-5.


  1. Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology International Scientific Congress (MSPP) – Blood Pressure Parameters among Smokers and Smokeless Tobacco Users in a Tertiary Level Hospital. (POSTER PRESENTER) 23-24 AUG 2014–Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.
  2. A study of blood pressure and heart rate on smokeless tobacco user, MSPP 2015 – 29th Scientific Meeting of Malaysian Society of Pharmacology and Physiology—–24th&25th August, 2015 (MSPP2015 ID: 03-0004), Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia.
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