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As an institute of higher learning, QIU understands the importance of inspiring young people to take up the challenge of creating a more sustainable world, evident from our alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Today, we were proud to welcome over 50 teachers and students from SMJK Perempuan Perak to the QIU Sustainable AgriResearch, where they were given a learning tour about sustainable farming techniques used to grow fruits and vegetables produced at our farm.

As always, our in-house experts were on hand to explain the intricacies of the techniques to the students – including Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology, Prof. Dr Vilasini Pillai and our lecturers Dr Teh Chui Yao and Dr Ranjetta Poobathy.

Our academics showed the intrigued students how the produce was grown organically without the use of any harmful chemicals and pesticides. This included the use of techniques like vertical farming, hydroponic farming and drip fertigation.

The students were also briefed on the three different types of fruits and vegetables grown at the farm, including fast-growing plants, short-term crops and permanent planting.

Visits like this help to inculcate an interest and passion for sustainable methods and techniques in the students, who will be the game-changers of tomorrow.

By spreading the word about the sustainability movement and how we are affecting change in our own way, the University hopes to inspire these students to create greater innovation and initiatives of their own in the future.

Thank you to the teachers and students from our neighbours SMJK Perempuan Perak for joining us and you’re always welcome here at QIU!


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