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Seminar 7: Conservation of Plant Germplasm – A Cryopreservation Approach

by: Professor Dr. Paul T. Lynch
Biological Sciences Research Group
Faculty of Education, Health & Sciences
School of Sciences, University of Derby
United Kingdom
DATE: 14 March 2013 (Thursday)
TIME: 3-4pm
VENUE: Lecture Room 2 & 3 @ Level 3, QIUP, Plaza Teh Teng Seng


Conservation of plant species which are vegetatively propagated and/or produce recalcitrant seeds traditionally requires large field based collections.  However, in vitro techniques provide another range of approaches which can be used in combination with field collections to develop more sustainable conservation strategies.  Cryopreservation at ultra-low temperature (-196°C) is now a proven approach for the long-term secure storage of plant germplasm and there are a number of cryo-based plant genebanks being developed around the world.  This presentation, illustrated with several specific case studies, will consider how fundamental studies are providing an understanding of the factors influencing the cryopreservation process towards more ‘targeted’ improvements in techniques. Additionally consideration will be given to how research based cryopreservation techniques can be established in working genebanks.

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