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Seminar 25: Passive-Motion Rescue (PMR) Detector System


Passive-Motion Rescue (PMR) Detector System
Ms.Kanahavalli Mardamutu & Mr.Chun Mun Chung
Third year students,
Bachelor of Computer Science,
Faculty of Integrative Science and Technology,
Quest International University Perak
DATE: 7 January 2015 (Wednesday)
TIME: 4.00 – 5.00 pm
VENUE: Lecture Room 4 (Level 3), Applied Sciences Building, QIUP


An Emergency Services System with the capabilities of rapid response, using passive motion detection to detect the physical body language and wirelessly communicating with the supporting team for a rescue plan in the case of emergency. Anything can happen at any time and rescue system must be able to self-detect and alert the appropriate personal. Wireless seems to be the rapid and popular network system because of its convenient access and portability. Data can be send and received throughout a wide range of space. Here, the system will be using passive-motion as false alarm can be reduced.

The system plays the role of alerting the support team when there is a need for rescue. Mainly catering to the transportation provider like train and flights. These are giant carriers having huge number of passengers with one centred control for emergency. Single control can easily be shut or damaged as it is manually activated. PMR Detector System will monitor the movement constantly. Information gathered from multiple devices will then be evaluated through lines of instruction before determining the need for emergency. Immediately signals are sent when the system receives instruction to activate the Red Alarm requesting for HELP.

This system definitely will be able to cater any form of transportation medium which uses satellite tracking devices. Now other than road travelling vehicles are using satellite tracking and equipped with wireless connections. PMR Detector surely a solution for the one-centred alarming system which is currently the risky trend.

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