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Seminar 19: Human Exposure Assessment of Fluoride from Tea


“Human Exposure Assessment of Fluoride from Tea”
by: Prof. Paul T. Lynch
Head of Biological & Forensic Sciences
EHS Research Manager (Acting)
Faculty of Education, Health & Science,
University of Derby, United Kingdom
DATE: 12 March 2014
TIME: 4 – 5 p.m
VENUE: Lecture Room 4 (Level 3), Applied Sciences Building, QIUP


Fluoride is found in rocks, plants, animals, air and water in varying concentrations and enters the human body by ingestion, inhalation and the skin. It occurs naturally in all water resources with surface water concentration of ≥0.5 mg/L. Humans are exposed to fluoride through air dust, industrial production and volcanic activities, dental products, food and beverages. Drinking water has the largest contribution to our daily fluoride intake, and estimates suggest that 75% of our daily dietary fluoride is from water and water-based beverages. Fluoride is an essential element in our diet which promotes healthy bone growth and prevents dental caries, however, when present in excess it can cause detrimental effects such as dental fluorosis, mottling of teeth and skeletal and crippling fluorosis. Relating to this background the potential significance of tea as a source of fluoride in our diet will be considered, particularly in terms of the type and quality of tea products.

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