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Reinforcing classroom learning with field trip to Vietnam

Five students pursuing the Foundation in Arts programme leading to the hospitality industry recently went on an exciting field trip to Ho Chi-Minh City, Vietnam as part of enriching their learning experience.

The 4 days 3 nights trip covered the museums, historical sites and other culturally enriching institutions as well as hotels, food services establishment,  and airlines that are related to the hospitality industry. This provided such a good chance to reinforce what students learn in the classroom while offering them an active learning experience which exposed them to new ideas.

Among the objectives of this trip were to identify and evaluate the current trends in the international hospitality industry, to demonstrate understanding on the importance of lodging industry and to describe the relationship between lodging industry and travel industry. This field trip is in line with their current subjects which are Lodging Management, Introduction to Hospitality Industry, Customer Services and Introduction to Tourism Business.

Students who went on the trip are required to prepare their assignment based on the exploration and experience gained during the visit. They are also required to prepare a short video based on their tour at the places visited which include place of attractions, hotel and accommodations, food and beverages and airlines. Lecturers will evaluate their assignment based on the video recording.


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