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QUEST Closed & Novices Badminton Tournament 2018

The QIUP Badminton Club was delighted to host the QUEST Badminton Closed & Novice Tournament 2018 at KB Badminton Academy in Falim, on 11th August 2018. The tournament was successfully conducted in three (3) categories namely the Closed Men’s Singles, Closed Men’s Doubles, Novice Mixed Doubles with participation from 60 players consisting of QIUP students, staff and the public.


This year, the tournament format was based on Knocked-out Rounds for all categories. Matches are counted based on best of three sets format with sets played to 21 points. Overall, we are proud to announce the winners for Closed Men’s Doubles category, Ng Chun Zheng (QIUP Pharmacy Student) and Mohd Fazli (QIUP Staff) have managed to retain the championship by defeating the pair, Mugeel Raj (QIUP Alumni) and Jayden Ong (QIUP Business Student) in a very thrilling final match. Likewise in the Closed Men’s Singles category, student Mugeel Raj defeated Ng Chun Zheng in the final. For Novice Mixed Doubles, the pair Wong Kin Loon and Joanne Lee prevail their victory and their first seeded reputation at the tournament upon defeating the opponent, Low Chin Ting and Foong Yi Kuan in the order of three (3) straight games in the finals.


The QIUP Badminton Club would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all winners and participants of the QUEST CLOSED & NOVICES BADMINTON TOURNAMENT 2018 for their great sportsmanship shown!  We wish to also thank KB Academy Badminton for becoming the event main sponsor and the official venue for this tournament! A special thanks goes to Mr. Chong for his keen support with QIUP!


Check out the Full Result of the tournament, as follows;


Closed Men’s Singles 
Champion: Mugeej Raj
1st Runner-up: Ng Chun Zheng
2nd Runner-up: Mohd Fazli & Mah Jun Leong


Closed Men’s Doubles
Champion: Ng Chun Zheng/ Mohd Fazli
1st Runner-up: Mugeel Raj / Jayden Ong
2nd Runner-up: Dr. Mallem Dinakar/ Pavitren Ramesh & Mah Jun Leong / Yim Ji Hong


Novice Mixed Doubles
Champion: Wong Kin Loon / Joanne Lee
1st Runner-up: Low Chin Ting / Foong Yi Kuan
2nd Runner-up: Lim Eng Keat / Lee Di Yan & Tan Sin Chin / Emily Ko Yiu Hui




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