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Young leaders from the 2019 QIU Student Representative Council (QSRC) drew inspiration from natural wonder last weekend, as they enjoyed a University leadership retreat amidst the beauty of the Royal Belum rainforest.

The committee took part in several team-building activities throughout the two-day trip at the Belum Rainforest Resort, where they learned to work together and maximise their individual and collective talents.

Upon arriving at the idyllic resort, the QSRC team sat down for an informative dialogue with Chief Operating Officer Mr Nicholas Goh. They discussed several topics, including the qualities of a leader and the importance of remaining united under pressure.

Then, the physical challenges began. Joined by Mr Goh and the Student Affairs division, the QSRC committee donned their lifejackets for an exciting bout of evening bamboo rafting across the beautiful Lake Banding.

The day was wrapped up with more team-building games, while the next day saw our committee taken on a Rafflesia Walk and Lake Cruise.

There, they got to see some of the lush flora and fauna of Royal Belum, including rafflesia flowers and hornbills.

Thrilling as they were, the outdoor activities also served as a valuable lesson in teamwork. Our committee had to help each other navigate the deep waters of Lake Banding and the steep slopes of the park’s hills.

“These activities help you get to know each other better and take you out of your comfort zone. When you are helping each other in the lake or up and down the hill, you realise that everyone here is your friend,” said Mr Goh.

“We want you to give your all because everything we do is for students like you.”

The message was not lost on our new leaders, who were cheered and inspired by the retreat.

“We want to improve the university experience for our fellow students and it will have to start with us,” said QSRC president Pearlie Ng.

“We really appreciate how much the University spends so much time and effort on us. We sense the love and we know they want us to succeed.”

Added QSRC vice-president Shanker Vellayan: “Each of us has different skills and this event allowed us to learn a lot about each other. We have a lot to do but we are committed. We are all into the team.”


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