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QIUP’s MBBS programme to embed USMLE in its Curriculum

In line with our continuous efforts to ensure that our programmes are of global standards, a total of 101 QIUP’s medical students from Year 3 to Year 5 recently sat for a mock online United States Medical Licencing Examination (USMLE) to gauge our standards globally.

This is the first step towards embedding USMLE standards into the current MBBS curriculum which will be a value add for QIUP MBBS students and graduates as they will be prepared to sit for this international examination i.e. the students will be able to appear in this examination even before graduation. Working with Kaplan Malaysia, a subsidiary of Kaplan Global who are the premier test-prepping centre in the US preparing medical students worldwide for the USMLE, QIUP is set to become the test centre for USMLE in the Northern region of Malaysia with a MOU signing slated to happen very soon.

The declining number of medical physicians in the US and lack of specialists in Malaysia is a compelling reason why medical graduates should be looking at sitting for the USMLE as an alternative pathway. The declining supply of physicians in the US presents an opportunity for local and international medical students to pursue their specialisation and practice in the US. This is an attractive pathway especially for foreign Medical Students in Malaysia who are not eligible to complete their house-job training in Malaysia.

The USMLE is a flexible three step specialist licensing examination proving everything a medical student needs to become a specialist. Students can sit for the first two steps of the USMLE in Malaysia. For the third step they can apply for selection to institutions in the US. This approach cuts down on the duration of overall train and allows medical graduates to become specialist by the age of 30.






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