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QIUP today opened its latest facility for students, a very comfortable and modern student lounge located on the first floor of the Applied Sciences Building. Built with keeping students feedback in mind for a comfortable place to relax, this lounge is expected to provide a very conducive environment for student learning, discussion and relaxation.

In opening the lounge today, Chief Operating Officer Mr. Nicholas Goh stressed that this is only the beginning and students can look forward to many more facilities to come.

“This is only the first of such lounges which the University will build for student’s comfort. Besides future student lounges, you can expect to see many more upgraded facilities such as upgrading the library, cafeteria and many more.

“But with any upgrading works, I urge you to bear with us for the temporary inconveniences it might cause such as noise and dust during the renovation period. QIUP is now in its second phase of growth and you can expect to see many new happenings as we aim to be the best,” stressed Mr. Nicholas Goh.

The opening of the student lounge was attended by the Student Representative Council, students, staff and higher management of the University.


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