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QIUP holds 2nd Convocation Ceremony 2016

Quest International University Perak (QIUP) held its second convocation ceremony recently, awarding degrees to students from the Faculty of Business, Management & Social Sciences and Faculty of Integrative Sciences and Technology.

The convocation ceremony also saw the very first cohort of Engineering, Master in Business Administration, Accountancy, Finance, Hospitality & Tourism and TESL students receiving their degrees.

The graduating students from the Faculty of Business, Management & Social Sciences received their scroll from the Chairman of the University Council, Dato ‘Sri Dr. Vijay Eswaran who also presented the outstanding scholastic achievement award to Racheal Har Ann Li, who was announced as the Valedictorian for this convocation.

Addressing students during the convocation, Dato’ Sri Dr. Vijay Eswaran encouraged the new graduates to always think outside the box and be different. “If there is one thing I would like our students to have, as they leave this campus and go out there into the real world, it is the ability to not to simply be able to answer every question they encounter but rather to have the ability to question every answer”, he added.

Council member Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Megat Najmuddin Khas presented the scrolls for the Diploma programme graduates while council member Mr. Kuna Senathirajah presented the scrolls for the graduates of Faculty of Integrative Sciences & Technology. Students from the Foundation programme were also presented their certificates by Vice Chancellor, Professor Dato’ Dr Raman Narayanasamy.

This convocation also saw the inaugural Faculty Academic Award being presented to the best student for each faculty. Wong Xing Yuan of the Bachelor of Computer Science (Hons) programme received the Faculty Academic Award for the Faculty of Integrative Sciences & Technology while Angie Ng Yun Ni of the Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) programme received the Faculty Academic Award for Faculty of Business, Management & Social Sciences.

Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Nicholas Goh congratulated the graduating students and reminded them to set a good example for future graduates and uphold the good name of the University.

“I am confident that all of you will be a good ambassador of the University and good role model of the society. And most importantly, live and uphold a sense of high integrity and moral values.  You will serve as the beacon of light of QIUP for future graduates, therefore you must stamp your mark in society and I know you will” said Mr Nicholas.

Professor Dato’ Dr Raman Narayanasamy, Vice Chancellor urged graduates to be prepared to face the unknown in the workforce.

“As you enter the workforce, you may face unexpected situations. You may also end up in a job you were not trained for. You may need to use technologies you were not prepared for. You may be required to solve problems that you did not anticipate all of which you did not learn here in the University. You must be prepared for all these. Everyone faces this. Take small steps so that you do not fall. Bring the best out of you and be driven by a passion to be better”, he urged.

Graduates were taken down memory lane with a special video which showed pictures of the graduates’ journey in QIUP which was a splendid surprise. They were also presented with a special edition T- shirt with the wordings – “It Cannot Be Inherited, Nor Can It Be Purchased. I Have Earned It With My Blood, Sweat And Tears. I Own It Forever The Title – QIUP GRADUATE”

They also received a specially designed USB card with the mascot of the University, the eagle, printed on it.

The convocation was attended by 800 people made up of QIUP Council members, faculty members, senior state government officials and students as well as their families.


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