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QIUP COO, Mr. Nicholas Goh’s third term reappointment to the Kuala Lumpur Hospital Board of Visitors

Mr. Goh, the driving force to propel QIUP to where it is today, was reappointed for a third term from 2017 to 2019 after successfully serving on the board from 2010 onwards. Mr. Goh is thankful for the reappointment and looks forward to serving on the Board to bring Hospital Kuala Lumpur to greater heights. Hospital Kuala Lumpur is the biggest hospital in Malaysia.

The vision Mr. Goh has is for QIUP to become a premier University in the nation, offering industry relevant programmes and job ready students, and he has worked very hard to make his vision a reality.

He actively serves on many boards such as Hospital Kuala Lumpur which has helped him tremendously understand the needs of the industry and tailors QIUP’s programme curriculum to meet these needs.

Serving on Kuala Lumpur Hospital board of visitors has provided Mr. Goh with insights on how future doctors should be groomed. This is why the MBBS programme in QIUP emphasizes what is required in doctors.

“To become a good doctor, one has to have the right aptitude. We do not need students who only excel in their studies but lack the attitude required to become a good doctor. That is what we look for when we call the students for a pre-admission interview.

“To be a good doctor, one must understand first and foremost how to interact with people. It is with that in mind that we developed programmes curriculum that includes such as community visits which also inculcate values like compassion and charity into the students from the first year itself” added Mr. Goh

QIUP’s medical curriculum emphasizes on teaching students the soft skills and how to be compassionate. This and is evident in activities carried out as part of its curriculum such as early clinical exposure and visits to Hospitals in the first semester itself.

Other activities include visits to underprivileged communities to perform medical check-ups to put into practice what students learn in class and learn how to be compassionate at the same time.

QIUP congratulates Mr. Goh on his reappointment and wishes him all the best.


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