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QIUP Biotechnology student’s love of baking is the icing on his future

My life in baking all began when I was in primary school.  The first ever influence in baking was my mother.  I used to be free labor for my sister when she baked following my mother’s recipes.  Watching my sister make delicious cakes got me interested in the world of baking.

I enjoy baking because it gives me immense joy the moment I see the end product of hours of my hard work. I also enjoy the moments when the faces of my customers light up with satisfaction at the sight of what I have prepared for them.

Cupcakes are my favourite item to bake of all. Almost everyone loves cupcakes. They’re very customizable according to the varying requests every customer has. It’s also fun to play around with new ideas. You’d think a certain icing will not go well with a certain cake flavour but when you try it out then bam! A new combination of bursting flavours.

In biotechnology we modify genes of organisms in order for them to express characteristics that we desire and I do the same with cupcakes. I take a recipe, be it from books, online or from my mother’s own collection of family recipes, and modify it according to my desires or those of my customers to make the perfect cup of cake.

I would very much like to get involved in a few baking workshops to further improve my skills in both baking as well as decorating which will help me in meeting the demands of customers. Hopefully that will help expand my business and I’ll get to open a bakery of my own in the long run.

Instagram link : https://www.instagram.com/armanobakes/


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