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From the first days of the printed press, to the time of typewriters, radio and cable TV, and now in an online world, journalism has been a irreplaceable bastion of our society.

To ensure that we are continuously kept well-informed by the press, educational institutions like QIU endeavour to help produce top-quality journalists of the future.

Last Sunday, we joined forces with one of the region’s leading Chinese-language newspapers Sin Chew Daily, to organise an Online Student Cadet Reporters Workshop.

The event, which saw the participation of 38 young journalistic minds, was organised collaboratively by QIU’s School of Communication and Sin Chew Jit Poh’s Cadet Reporters Team.

A total of three workshops will be conducted over the coming weeks, training cadets in public speaking skills, English pronunciation as well as our Parliamentary democracy.

Yesterday’s sessions on Public Speaking were conducted by the Head of QIU’s School of Communication Dr Ng Miew Luan and Programme Coordinator Mr Muhamad Amirul Faiz bin Abd Ghani.


We also had the pleasure of welcoming Mr Wong Kuok Kang, Cahaya Sin Chew Weekly Assistant Editor, and Ms Chai Jing Hsuan, Sin Chew Publishing Editor & Coordinator of Klang Valley Student Cadet Reporters.

This was yet another example of the QIU commitment towards working with industry players like Sin Chew to ensure that learning and self-improvement is a lifelong process.

Workshops like this offer participants the chance to gain new skills that will allow them to go further and shine brighter in their chosen field.

Congratulations to everyone involved with making this project a success from the get-go. We look forward to the next session!

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