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As a responsible University dedicated to improving the community around us, QIU welcomes opportunities to inform and educate people on responsible environmental practices and sustainable solutions.


Guided by Faculty of Science and Technology senior lecturer Dr Chuck Chuan Ng, our team of Biotechnology and Environmental Technology students Cloee Kong Kher Yan, John Lim Tong Han, and Jacky Lee Chi Hien conducted a workshop on Upcycling and Financial Management to a group of 12 volunteers from the community of Pasir Pinji.


The education programme aimed to combat littering problems in the area of Pasir Pinji. Residents were resorting to dumping their rubbish at street intersections and commercial dump sites.


In collaboration with the Axiata Young CEO Development programme and the Perak state government, QIU aimed to educate and empower members of the Pasir Pinji community who gather discarded waste items from dumpsites and recycle them.


During the workshop, the students – who are also QIU Eco-Rangers – delved into the concept and the benefits of upcycling, and how the participants could make financial gains by creating new products from discarded items.


They covered how upcycling would then increase the participants earning capacity, while also making a valuable impact on the environment of Pasir Pinji.


To demonstrate how simple upcycling could be, our students also conducted a simple hands-on DIY Upcycling activity by converting plastic bottles into stools. The participants gained new insights and were excited to create their own products, bringing them back for personal use.

In the long-term, another goal is to have the volunteers help gather, segment recyclables and other materials – like plastics – that QIU can help recycle.


This project was yet another of the University’s various efforts to promote sustainable living, in line with the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.


We are proud to work with our partners for such a noble and righteous cause, and we look forward to more environmentally sustainable education programmes in the future. Congratulations to Dr Chuck and his team of talented students!

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