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QIU Introduces Buzz Hub recording studio 

In a landmark development for the Faculty of Social Sciences, QIU is proud to introduce our latest cutting-edge student facility–the Buzz Hub recording studio. Located on the third floor of the Applied Sciences Building (ASB), the brand-new room comes equipped with some of the latest gear that will expose our students to the real-world experience of recording and broadcasting. It includes an assortment of studio lights, a green screen, a soundproof recording booth, and top-of-the-range devices like a microphone and mixer.

The Buzz Hub will provide a workspace for students to carry out photographic training, and produce photographs that will be accommodated in a studio. Meanwhile, the recording studios allow students to record sound sources for TV, movies, games, and other video productions. It can also record musical instrument performances and vocals. The Buzz Hub also has a control room where sound recordings and adjustments are performed with the sound being played through monitor speakers.

Besides the usual functions, the studio can also be used for telemedicine conferences and e-Learning. Congratulations to everyone involved in making this project a success, and we invite our students to make use of this excellent new facility. We can hear you loud and clear!


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