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As an educational hub, QIU has always believed in working with our partners to grow together as organisations.

Recently, the University put together a creative team-building event for Digital Perak Corporate Holdings (DPCH) – a subsidiary of the Perak state government which oversees ICT projects and develops knowledge-driven activities in the state.

The workshop – which saw DPCH’s senior management team participating in culinary and problem-solving activities – was one of the joint projects covered in our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was signed earlier this year.

DPCH Chief Executive Officer Assoc. Prof Dr Mohammad Tazli Azizan said the event would further strengthen the bond among their senior management team and increase communication skills.

“In comparison to our previous team building sessions, this is going to be totally different and is going to be more intense,” he noted.

“This is where our true character will be revealed and that is where we will see everyone’s strengths and weaknesses.”

The first session was held in our Envee restaurant, where participants’ culinary skills were put to the test. Their first team-building exercise required them to prepare and present a Pan Seared Chicken Roulade dish and a dessert of their choice to a panel of judges. The team had to display teamwork, communication skills and delegation skills to prepare quality dishes.

As always, our trusted Hospitality students were also there to assist in the kitchen, displaying how the university has trained them to carry out their duties with professionalism and poise.

In the second session, Prof Dr Loke Siew Phaik, Dean of the Faculty of Business and Management, facilitated a leadership and communication activity using a block game which saw participants displayed their management and communication skills.

For more information on the training programmes and workshops available at QIU, contact Danny Chng at 0122021180 or loipeng.chng@qiup.edu.my



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