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Podium finish for QIUP students at Quiz 1310 competition

Biotechnology students, Astha Latchumi Sanglidevan  and Shaatish Kumar Makandan  made QIUP proud with a first runner-up and second runner-up finish respectively at the Bio Malaysia Asia Pacific Bioeconomy 2016  Quiz 1310 challenge. The competition was held In conjunction with Bio Malaysia Asia Pacific Bioeconomy 2016 which was held from 31st May to 2nd June 2016 in KL Convention Centre.

It was a remarkable outing for QIUP as 6 out of 12 semi-finalists for  the Quiz 1310 competition were from QIUP after competing in the preliminary rounds. This is the second win for QIUP after final year Biotechnology student Loganantini Paramasivam finished first runner-up at the Spelling 1310 competition just two days earlier at the same venue.

These wins are  testament to the University’s stand on not wanting to be another degree mill but to develop holistic graduates. We want our undergraduates to not only excel in their studies but also be actively participating in various conferences, sports and educational competitions during their study here. The University firmly believes competing in these competitions will help undergraduates develop the necessary competitive and leadership skills required when they enter the working world.

QIUP took part in two competitions, Quiz 1310 and Spelling 1310. Quiz 1310 is to challenge the minds of Biotechnology and Bio-based students on the understanding of biotechnology industry and trends while Spelling 1310 is to test individual’s vocabulary on biotechnology words and jargons. These competitions were opened to students from all universities.

In the Bio quiz 1310, 6 out of 12 semi-finalists were from QIUP while for Spelling 1310, 11 out of 20 semi-finalists were from QIUP.

Once again, we congratulate the QIUP team for a splendid performance. We also thank the Faculty members for their outstanding efforts in preparing students for the competitions.
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