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Two of our lecturers from the Faculty of Pharmacy have continued the QIU tradition of sharing their valuable expertise with international audiences during a webinar hosted by a pharmacy college from India.

Head of the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology Assoc. Prof. Dr Mahibub Mahamadsa Kanakal and FOP lecturer Khairulanwar Husain were invited to speak during an international webinar titled “Recent Strategies in Academics and Clinical Pharmacy in the Present Scenario of Covid-19 Pandemic”.

Organised by the Veda College of Pharmacy in India, this was the second event of its kind after FOP Dean Prof Datuk Dr Allan Mathews conducted a webinar for the students of India’s St Mary College of Pharmacy in mid-June.

Over 1,100 students and academics attended today’s webinar, which was kicked off by Dr Mahibub’s talk on ‘Online Teaching and Learning Challenges in Pharmacy Education’.

Dr Mahibub noted that online education should not be viewed as a phasing out of lecturers, but rather as a tool to support them. By addressing the inherent challenges faced by students and educators, he explained that online education could still be effective.

Educators, he said, needed to maintain students’ motivation and active classroom dynamics while also keeping things personable. At the same time, they also needed to understand students requirements, such as connectivity issues.

Meanwhile, Khairulanwar explored the ‘Roles of Pharmacists in Managing the Covid-19 Pandemic’, which included the contributions of community, clinical/hospital and pharmacists in the government among others.

Overall, pharmacists ensured the reliability of information, the supply of medicine and its safe use, and identifying the population that needed support.

Community pharmacists, he said, served the public as a direct point of access that ensured an uninterrupted supply of medicine. Meanwhile, clinical and hospital pharmacists handled management, infection control, patient care, medicine supply and ward services.

At the same time, pharmacists in the government helped to formulate policies at a time with the health system was overburdened.

The talk also highlighted QIU’s approach to online education and the unique Real World Holistic Pharmacy Education offered by the FOP.

Well done to our academics for sharing their expertise with the international community once again – we’re so proud of you!

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