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Phantastic Phantoms at Quest Night

Every year, our talented Student Representative Council comes up with imaginative new twists for Quest Night celebration, and the tradition continued in style last night.

This year’s event, titled ‘QIU Homecoming: Night of the Phantom’ was based on the classic murder-mystery musical ‘the Phantom Opera’ – and it didn’t disappoint.

Midway through dinner, the lights went out, which signalled the start of the play. The audience was treated to passionate acting and musical performances from our staff and students that drove the narrative along.

While our talent performed impeccably, what impressed was how they chose classic songs that fit the murder mystery theme – Linkin Park’s ‘What I’ve Done’, Radiohead’s ‘Creep’, and U2’s ‘I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For’ were just some of the anthems on show.

Another highlight was the speeches from QIU Alumni committee members Dr Rakesh Rampal and Pagdeep Singh, who shared their experiences and advice for our students.

“I still remember the exact day I joined QIU; where I parked my car; the shirt I was wearing. Today I see QIU alumni everywhere. There are QIU doctors in every state and Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun alone has 10,” said Dr Rakesh.

“Our reputation depends on how you represent and carry yourself. Stay united and more people will recognise QIU as a centre of excellence.”

And of course, every homecoming must have a King and Queen. Walking away with the crowns were Keshvinder Singh and Mooi Huey Ing, while Sam Ming Hui and Arisha Shena won best-dressed male and female respectively. Soubhi Hamwi, meanwhile, won the best photo of the night.

All in all, it was a terrific night for more than 300 students, staff and alumni who joined the party.

Kudos to our Student Representative Council who showed us why they were chosen as leaders, displaying their talent, teamwork and dedication.

In his address, Vice-Chancellor Prof Datuk Dr Raman Narayanasamy congratulated the organisers for putting together a fantastic celebration.

“Events like Quest Night give us the chance to bond as members of the QIU family outside the campus halls. At the same time, it also provides a platform for us to showcase our talents,” he said.

“The talent on show today is not only embodied by those taking the stage. It takes teamwork, dedication and talent to organise an event like this.

“To the QSRC, rest assured that you will enjoy the fruits of your labour long after tonight’s festivities are over. The experience you have gained will be invaluable when you enter the working world.”



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