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This course will provide participants with a fundamental understanding of the core principles of digital marketing. Apart from distinguishing between traditional and digital techniques, it will provide an overview of what is involved in creating and implementing effective digital marketing campaigns.

The first day introduces participants to the basic aspects of digital marketing channels including: search marketing, social media marketing, mobile marketing and email marketing, as well as analytics.

The second day, introduces Google Ads and the importance of online search and display advertising. Participants will also learn how Google Ads can be used to effectively drive quality traffic to your website, as well as technical skills needed. Participants will be shown how to set up a Google Ads account and develop a search and display advertising campaign through three key elements: keyword research, ad copy and landing pages. This course module also addresses campaign settings and ongoing campaign management. Participants will be able to immediately apply skills learned via hands-on exercises.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  1. Explain the key concepts of Digital Marketing
  2. Identify the main channels of Digital Marketing.
  3. Drive qualified traffic to their website through Google Ads search and display advertising.

Programme Details

Mode of Delivery



No of days : 2

Hours per day: 3.5

Programme Date

29 - 30 March 2021


9 am to 12.30pm

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Mode of Delivery



No of days: 2 days.

Hours per day: 3.5.

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