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“Make QIUP a role model for others” tasked new Registrar

In an unprecedented move, Malaysian Qualifications Agency (MQA)’s Director of Policy, Mr. Muhammad MG Omar,  has been seconded to Quest International University Perak (QIUP) as its Registrar beginning 1st August 2017. This secondment, at the request of QIUP which is  slated for a period of 2 years, speaks highly of QIUP and the trust MQA has on the University.

Chief Operating Officer of QIUP, Mr. Nicholas Goh who spoke at the welcoming meeting of the Registrar conveyed his gratitude to MQA and highlighted that this appointment is in line with his vision for the University.

“I am pleased to welcome our Registrar and am thankful to MQA for allowing this move which has been in the negotiating process for some time now. QIUP is now in the second phase of growth after inception five years ago.

“This appointment is in line with my vision to propel QIUP on its next phase of growth, where I am strengthening every component in the University such as teaching staff, management staff, facilities and others. This fits in the puzzle I have to put together for a formidable team which will ensure the sustainability of QIUP.

“It is not every day that you see a government senior Director being seconded to a private institution and this move shows the trust MQA has on us which has spurred them to make this move. Undoubtedly, this  will be a learning process for both parties,” added Mr. Nicholas.

Mr. Muhammad Omar said that he has been given two tasks by MQA as part of this assignment which are to understand how MQA policies and procedures affect Universities and to make QIUP an example for other Universities to follow.

“I met Mr Nicholas some time back where he shared his vision for sustainability of QIUP with me and my colleagues. And after that, I actually shared this with my staff at MQA during one of our meetings, and we all agreed that QIUP’s sustainability plans are actually what every University should aim to follow.

“When my secondment to QIUP was approved, I was advised by my superiors to ensure QIUP becomes a role model and an example for other Universities to follow and I intend to do just that during my tenure here. With the support and vision by the senior management team of QIUP, I am confident QIUP is on its way to becoming a great University very soon,” said Mr. Muhammad Omar.

Mr. Muhammad Omar was the Director of Policy and Strategic Planning in MQA. He was involved in the development and implementation of the national qualifications framework for Malaysia and the quality assurance system. Prior to joining QIUP, he was responsible for formulating and recommending policies on quality assurance system for Malaysia higher education and developing and implementing strategic planning for MQA.


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