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As an international university, QIU is proud of the multicultural tapestry that makes up its staff and student body.

That tapestry got even more diverse recently, as the University welcomed our first students from two new countries during our latest intake – Madagascar and the Netherlands.

Both Madagascar native Shane Abasse(pictured below) and Dutchman Manders Jordie Hubertus Martinus (main picture) will be joining the Faculty of Science’s Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering with Honours programme.

At the end of a journey that crossed borders, time zones and continents, both men are excited to be here.

“My flight was 30 hours long, with stops in Kenya and Qatar. But I’m really happy to arrive in QIU” said Shane.

“I wanted to study somewhere different because I wanted to discover more about Asia.” 

Jordie, who hails from the southern part of the Netherlands, said he was drawn to the engineering programme because of his interest in problem-solving.

“This is my first time in Malaysia, and I’m quite excited to be here because I really like this region,” he added. 

“I’ve been to Thailand and Indonesia before, and I’m a fan of the food and the friendly people here.”

We’re really happy to have you here with us guys. Welcome to QIU!

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