Rules and Regulation

Staff/ Student

  • Users are required to display their ID card throughout their stay in the library.
  • Student/staff ID card are non-transferable
  • Users must be formally and decently attired as defined in the University Dress Code.


  • Each borrower must be present his/her ID/ Matrix card each time library materials is checked out.
  • All Library materials to be taken out of the Library must be properly checked out at the Circulation Counter.


  • Only reading and writing materials can be brought into the Library. Other materials such as bags, umbrellas, parcels, helmets, rain coats etc., are not allowed into the Library. Such articles may be left in the bag rack provided. Library staffs are not responsible for the loss of any items left behind in the Library.
  • Library staff on duty has the right to check book, files and others materials which are taken out of the Library.

Behavior and conduct

  • Mobile phones are not allowed to used and must be switched off or put on silent mode upon entering in the Library.
  • Smoking, eating and drinking is strictly prohibited inside the library. Library users are prohibited from bring their drinks to the Reading Table.
  • Silence is will be strictly observed in the Library.
  • Students are not allowed to remove Library furniture and equipment from the original place.
  • Library users are requested to leave the book on the trolley after using them.
  • The library has the right to ask students whose behavior may be deemed as disturbing the peace of the Library to leave.
  • Mutilating or stealing Library materials/properties are liable to strict disciplinary action.
  • The Library accepts no responsibility for lost of personal belonging(s) left unattended.
  • Users may be required to show all books and items they carry for inspection at the exit gate before leaving the Library. This is especially so when the exit gate’s alarm rings.


  • Library users, who photocopy library materials are fully responsible for any action liable and contravening the COPYRIGHT ACT 1987.

Clearance procedure

  • Academic or non-academic staff that resign, or on study leave are required to return all borrowed items to the Library.
  • Students who postpone their studies or withdraw from the University must return all borrowed items to the Library.