The Library has a collection that is closely related to the academic and research programs of the University. Materials in the collection are classified according to the Library of Congress Classification and National Library of Medicine scheme. Presently the collection is categorized as follows:


  • Open Shelf Collection
    The general collection consists of textbooks on various subjects acquired to support learning, teaching and research needs of the college. All staff and students are allowed to borrow from this collection.
  • Reference Collection
    Materials in this collection are non-circulating. They serve as reference tools and consist of encyclopedias, dictionaries, enactments, acts, company annual reports etc. All materials have ref prefixed to their call numbers.
  • Red Spot Collection
    Most items serve as compulsory reading materials. They can be borrowed for one day only.
  • Serials Collection
    The library also subscribes to several magazines such as Times, Forbes Asia, The Edge, The Petri Dish , Harvard Business Review, The Economist , Info Med , Discovery Channel , MMA News and Campus Plus.
  • Audio Visual Materials Collection
    Library collection contains audio-visual materials, such as videocassettes, DVDs and CD-ROMs. These items can be borrowed only for lecturers. Students can play on this collection only in library.