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In a world increasingly shaped by rapid information at our fingertips, the ability to analyse data has become a highly-sought after skill across various industry sectors.

QIU’s Faculty of Science and Technology’s Heart-to-Heart with Science series recently explored this fascinating topic in its November webinar, titled “Introduction to Data Analysis with Python”.

We had the honour of inviting Dr Pradeep Isawasan, from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman’s Faculty of Information and Communication Technology to lead this webinar, which was moderated by our own Dr Ranjetta Poobathy from the School of Biological Science.

Drawing on his passion for data science and its influence on the various facets of life, Dr Pradeep provided a hands-on demonstration on the use of the Python programming language for data analysis, using Google Colab and the Python Data Analysis (Pandas) Library.


The session aimed to teach users from a non-computer science background on how to easily adopt the programme in their daily lives. Dr Pradeep also explained the merit and benefits of using Google Colab for programming as well as the function of each component of the programme.

We’d like to thank Dr Pradeep for sharing his expert knowledge with us, and we look forward to more illuminating scientific talks during the Heart-to-Heart with Science series!

You can learn more about data science from Dr Pradeep’s blog and his YouTube channel

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