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Some of the most important questions looming over our future are related to artificial intelligence. How will it affect our lives and the job market? How can we control it to achieve the right balance?

The Faculty of Science and Technology’s latest Heart-to-Heart with Science series addressed some of these questions recently, thanks to an enlightening talk by one of the experts in the field.

The talk, titled ‘The Dawn of the Age of Artificial Intelligence: Resistance is Futile?’ was delivered by Assoc. Prof.Ts.Dr Lai Weng Kin, who is the founding chairman of the Centre of Multimodal Signal Processing and the Deputy Dean (Research & Commercialisation) at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College, Kuala Lumpur.

For 18 years, he served as the Director for Advanced Informatics at one of Malaysia’s premier national ICT research centres, focusing primarily on pattern recognition, computer vision and artificial intelligence.

With more than 100 papers published under his name, Dr Lai drew on his years of expertise to discuss the role, advantages and challenges of artificial intelligence in the field of manufacturing – and how it can cater to global product demands.

With the aid of engaging demonstrations and in-depth explanation, Dr Lai delved into transport and communication technologies, buying and selling and product manufacturing.

He also touched on the age of consumerism and what it meant to the engineers and manufacturers of the future. This included emerging applications and how computing power and cheap, powerful sensors were some of the key drivers.

On behalf of QIU, we would like to thank Dr Lai for sharing his expertise and time to enlighten us on such a relevant subject to academics and students alike.

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