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With many forms of medication in the market today, both western and traditional, it is important to know the proper usage and storage to maximize the effects on a person. Wrong usage can actually do more harm than good.
It is with this in mind that the Quest Pharmacy Students Society (QPSS) of Quest International University Perak (QIUP) organized a day long awareness campaign at Ipoh Parade recently.
QIUP Vice Chancellor, Dato’ Professor Dr. Raman Narayanasamy in welcoming the attendees, reiterated the University’s commitment to work in tandem with the state’s aspirations.
“Events such as today brings everyone together. Today we are here to create awareness of the good and harm medicines can do. We aspire to work with the state government to bring health-care in Perak to the next level of excellence through education to the public.” said Dato’ Raman.
Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at QIUP, Datuk Professor Dr. Allan Mathews dispelled the public perception of traditional medication is safer and warned against the sharing of medication.
“The medication we use today, be it supplements or natural contains chemicals. As such, it is important to ensure we use these medication correctly. It is perceived that traditional medication is safer than western medicine but keep in mind that the compounds used to make these traditional medications might contain harmful poison.
“Chemical content in medication help to cure us of our ailments, but if used improperly it can even lead to death. And I also stress that sharing medication among family and friends is dangerous. One person’s medicine maybe another person’s poison.” stressed Datuk Allan.
Yang Berhormat Tuan Sivanesan Achalingam – Perak State EXCO member for Health, Civil Society, Consumer Affairs, National Integration and Human who officiated the event thanked the University for playing a proactive role in bringing about awareness to the public on proper usage and storage of medicines.
“Medication today is readily available to everyone with or without prescription. We have read so many cases where people try to self-medicate especially with traditional medicines and faced negative effects.
“It is important to understand what medication works for you and the dose that is required and how to store them properly to ensure the efficacy of the medication. This is one of the agenda of the Perak state health department and I must thank QIUP for taking the lead in tandem with the state’s aspirations.” said YB Sivanesan.
The day long public health campaign included activities such as Free Health Screening Tests (BMI, Smokerlyzer Test, Blood Pressure Test, Cholesterol Test and Glucose Test), Kids activities (Compounding and Tablet Counting) and Games, Medication Review and Consultation and a Blood Donation Campaign.
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