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Hats off to our FIST Lecturer, Dr Hema Ramachandran for your exceptional achievement

QIUP wishes Dr Hema Ramachandran congratulations for her third consecutive year winning at the prestigious Majlis Persada Kencana Award 2015! The University would like to take this opportunity to extend our heartiest compliments for her remarkable ability to inspire the world and her students from School of Biological Sciences FIST (QIUP) to bring out their best of research and innovation.

Dr Hema scoops the “Best Publication Award” under School Award Winner category at the climatic event organized by USM which recognizes and honours outstanding academic achievements especially in research and publications of postgraduate students at USM through the presentation of the coveted Persada Kencana Award (Golden Pavilion Award). The award was presented by Dean of the Institute of Postgraduate Studies USM, Professor Othman Sulaiman in an event held in Dewan Budaya, Universiti Sains Malaysia, in December 2015.

Dr Hema won the award recognition on the basis of her recent published work in a journal entry, titled; “Identification and characterization of the yellow pigment synthesized by Cupriavidus sp”.  And to date, Dr. Hema Ramachandran has published 1 journal, 2 book chapters and 1 book which were affiliated to Quest International University Perak through collaboration with her former supervisor, Prof. Amirul Al-Ashraf Abdullah, Dean of the School of Biological Sciences, USM.

List of Dr. Hema’s publications are as follows;

  1. Ramachandran, H., Iqbal, M.A. and Amirul, A.A. (2014) Identification and characterization of the yellow pigment synthesized by Cupriavidus sp. USMAHM13. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, 174:461-470.
  2. Ramachandran, H., Kannusamy, S., Huong, K.-H., Mathava, R. and Amirul, A.-A. (2014) Blends of polyhydroxyalkanoates. (Eds): Roy, I. and Visakh, P.M. Polyhydroxyalkanoates based blends, composites and nanocomposites, United Kingdom: Royal Society of Chemistry, 66-97. (Book chapter).
  3. Shantini, K., Huong, K.-H., Ramachandran, H. and Amirul, A.-A. (2015) Microbial production of polyhydroxyalkanoates for agricultural and aquacultural applications. (Ed): Liong, M.-T. Beneficial microorganisms in agriculture, aquaculture and other areas, Switzerland: Microbiology Monographs, Springer International Publishing, 29:129-164. (Book chapter).
  4. Amirul, A.-A, Ramachandran, H., Huong, K.-H. and Kannusamy, S. (2015) Microbial-based polyhydroxyalkanoates: Upstream and Downstream Processing, United Kingdom: Smithers Rapra. (Book)

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