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FST Lecturer Appointed M’sian Journal of Microbiology Peer Reviewer

All the discoveries and inventions that allow us to live our daily lives would never have existed without research. From groundbreaking technology to the latest healthcare innovation, it forms the basis of everything we know.

Research has always been one of the pillars of our University, and we’re thrilled to announce that our own Faculty of Science and Technology lecturer Dr Rajiv Ravi has been appointed as a Peer Reviewer for the Malaysian Journal of Microbiology (MJM).

Dr Rajiv’s appointment to the carefully-selected pool of reviewers will be for a year in the areas of microbiology and applied microbiology. These are just two of his research areas, as he also counts parasitology and entomology among his areas of expertise.

So what is the Malaysian Journal of Microbiology? Well, it’s a forum for scientific communication among scientists and academics who deal with microbes and microbial products. The journal publishes research articles, short communications and review articles on various novel aspects of microbiology.

The MJM publishes high-quality microbiology research related to the tropics, including infectious diseases, antimicrobials and the application of microbes for the betterment of human society and the environment.

Reviewers like Dr Rajiv play a vital role in maintaining and improving the quality of academic journals – which are instrumental in the process of finding scientific breakthroughs.

By the way, Dr Rajiv has also been a reviewer for renowned academic publishers Wiley , while yet another publisher Elsevier has just invited him to become a reviewer for them. Both are in the research area of aquaculture.

Kudos to the man himself, for showing everyone the elite level of our academics here at QIU!

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