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FST 2nd Inter-School Research Poster Competition 2018

The second Interschool Research Poster Competition hosted by the Faculty of Science and Technology (FST) concluded yesterday with an exciting exchange of ideas from the final year project students about research that focused on smart and sustainable building technology for the future combined with a Q&A with a panel of judges at the campus Student Centre.

The finalists, who were all FST undergraduates, showcased their final year research projects through utilization of posters that explained their research findings.  The findings delved into topics such as   energy savings evolution, IoT smart systems, cloud technology, bioremediation, DNA barcoding and many more in a coherent and concise way while developing skills in effective communication for dissemination of research information.

All in all, the competition showcased new perspectives into the research that happens in FST this year!

Congratulations to all our poster competition winners and project supervisors!


The winners of the poster competition were;

1. School of Engineering


Champion: Krishna KumarPoster

Title: Automated light energy saving system

Supervisor: Mr. Muthukumar Vellaisamy




1st Runner Up: Roobenbala Balakrishnan

Poster Title: Alcohol sensing car engine system

Supervisor: Ir. Mohd Azwani bin Abdul Rani




2nd Runner Up: Chan Chee Hong

Poster Title: Smart Dustbin Waste Monitoring and Collection System

Supervisor: Mr. Karna Vishnu Vardhana Reddy



2. School of Computing


Champion: Vimelraj Rajandran

Poster Title: QIUP Food Ordering Apps using barcode technology (Qfoody)

Supervisor: Ms. Ezatul Emilia binti Muhammad Arif




1st Runner Up: Chew Luan Pin

Poster Title: Hello Quest Apps

Supervisor: Ms Ayu Norafida Ayob




3. School of Biological Sciences


Champion: Gobishankar Perthabalakshmishkar

Poster Title: Copper Lead and Zinc Tolerance Phytoremediation Potential of Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) and Vigna Unguiculata (Cowpea)

Supervisor: Dr. Wendy Liu


1st Runner Up: Lee Zee Wei

Poster Title: Food forensic survey through DNA barcoding: Detection of mislabelled seafood products in Ipoh food market

Supervisor: Dr. Lim Hong Chiun



2nd Runner Up: Pavitra Paramalingam

Poster Title: Cloning of C.Papaya L.wrky gene into PGEM-T easy vector

Supervisor: Dr. Fauziah Abu Bakar



2nd Runner Up: Hemavathi A/P Ramamurthi

Poster Title: Quality of fish pond water in relation to type of feeds and amount of administered per day

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohd Fadzil Shuhaimi


Panel of Esteemed Judges:

  1. Ms. Nurul Ainaa Adilah binti Rus Bakarurraini, Lecturer of Biochemistry
  2. Ms. Padmashantini A/P Padmanathan, Senior Lecturer and Head of Programme, BBA (Hons)







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