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Experiential Learning and the Google Generation

The pursuit of academic excellence is not something that can be done in isolation. Conversely, academic studies and findings have the greatest impact when they are shared to the world, benefitting from different viewpoints and perspectives of the academic community.


Recently, representatives from QIU’s Faculty of Social Sciences were invited to present one of their studies at the 10th annual InForm Conference in Johor, which was organised by the University of Reading Malaysia.


This year, the conference focused on the evolution of international foundation programmes, examining how these programmes have changed in recent years and are continuing to change.


Our team of Assoc. Prof Dr Chan Nee, Ms Gogilavaani Jothi Veeramani, and Mr Faindra Abdul Jabbar presented a paper on ‘Experiential Learning and the Google Generation’, at the conference.


The paper was a presentation of the QIU Foundation in Arts curriculum specially designed for the Google Generation (those born after 1994), whose key traits include being mobile, digitally literate, focused on social interaction, ‘connectedness’ and a preference for experimentation.


The presentation delved into the curriculum’s design at QIU, while examining the Foundation in Arts programme’s structure, teaching, learning, and assessment approaches underpinned by the theories of Experiential learning and research into the Google Generation of learners.


The conference also featured presentations from local and international institutions, including the University of Reading Malaysia, the University of Reading, the University of Birmingham, Xi’an Jiaotong – Liverpool University, and the Queen Mary University of London.


Congratulations to our team for their insightful and fascinating contribution to the conference. You’ve made us proud yet again!



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