• FCCP (USA)
  • FICS
  • MCh.(Thoracic Surgery)-Madras Medical College ( University of Madras) 1981
  • MS (General Surgery) =Madras Medical College (University of Madras)1979
  • MBBS- Stanley Medical College,(University of Madras )1973


Teaching and research experience:

  • Teaching (included clinical practice) 40 yearsJuly 2018- till present- Associate Professor of Surgery ,QIUP, PerakMarch 2016- May 2018-Associate professor of Surgery ,UNISHAMS, Kedah

    Feb.2007- March 2016- Senior Lecturer in Surgery ,Universiti Sains  Malaysia, Kelantan

    Sep.1991-Sept.2006- Surgical specialist and Consultant, Ministry of Health ,Malaysia,

    March1988-Sept1991-Assistant Prof of Surgery –Stanley Medical College ,Madras

    April1985-Mar.1988- Surgical Specialist- Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabia

    Jun 1981-Apr 1985-Assistant Prof. of Surgery, Madras Medical College , Madras

    Aug 1975-Apr 1977-Medical Officer , Primary Health Centre ,Tamilnadu


  • Research 12 years
  • Frequency of BRCA 1 and BRCA 2 Variants Among Malay Patients with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in East Coast Region of Peninsular Malaysia ,USM short term grant RM 45,476-95 Supervisor  VMK Bhavaraju ,Co Researcher Dr. Mehboob Alam Pasha  1Nov2014-31Oct 2016
  • Effectiveness of Alfazusin Treatment in Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia Patients in HUSM – USM short term grant no. 304/PPSP/61312026- RM 20,650-00, Supervisor Dr.Mehboob Alam Pasha Co Researchert CH Goh, Azhar AH  1JUN 2012-31May2014
  • Prospective Cohort Study of Results of Mass Circumcision done in Sterile Environment in Hospital and Mass Circumcision done in Community Setting  in Unsterile Environment  USM Incentive Grant no. 304/JPNP/6000041 RM 5000/- Supervisor :Dr. Mehboob Alam Pasha  Co Researcher Dr.Hisyam Sidik,Dr. MNM Tarmizi 15Oct2009-14 Oct 2010


Major research interests Teaching interests
  • Recent Advances in surgery and Surgical technology
  • Molecular genetics of cancer biology
  • Organ transplantation techniques
  1. Traditional clinical bedside teaching
  2. Didactic methods – Lectures, clinical skill lab demos, tutorials, PBL, seminar and topic discussions
  3. Newer teaching methods involving digital and online content
Administrative appointments
  • Program Coordinator (Penyeleras) , OSPE/OSCE in Surgery for Undergraduate MD and Postgraduate MMed- USM,2008-2016
  • Program director Surgery for MBBS Unscheduled University students posted to USM under MQE Program  USM,2012-2015
  • Member (Ahli) ,School Board and Examinations Board ,USM 2007-2016
  • Examiner Surgery- undergraduate MD, USM 2007-2016;  and postgraduate MMed (National Conjoint Board Examiner ) 2011-2016
  • Program director and Course Coordinator –MBBS surgery program , UNISHAMS 2016-2018
Committee Involvement

Member Vetting Committee, QIUP from 2018 till present

Member ,Teaching and Learning Committee ,QIUP .from 2018 till present

Member , Organising Committee for MQA accreditation for MBBS program at UNISHAMS -2017

Member, Medical Education Committee , UNISHAMS, 2016-2018

Member ,Final Professional Examination Committee UNISHAMS -2017

Panel Member –Training Course for Post Graduate examiners , organised by Conjoint Board  for Post graduate Studies ,Malaysia, University Malaya Medical Centre,Kuala Lumpur 12 May 2014


Panel Member –Bengkel Kajian Semula Program Sarjana Surgeri ,Pulau Penang organised by Conjoint Board of Post graduate Studies ,Malaysia 10-11, Dec 2011


Professional Involvement

1.FICS-Fellow of The International College of Surgeons(Indian Chapter) 1990

2.FCCP (USA) Fellow of the International Academy of Chest Physicians and Surgeons  (USA) 1991

3.FRSH –Fellow of the Royal Society of Health (London ) 1991

4..Member ,1978, Association of Surgeons of India

5..Member ,1981, Association of Thoracic and CardioVascular  Surgeons of India

6..Member ,1990 ,American Medical Society of Vienna

7..Member ,1992,Malaysian Medical Association

8. Member ,1996, Malaysian Thoracic Society

Selected Publications

1.MehboobAlamPasha,VenkataMuraliKrishnaBhavaraju ,Azhar bin AmirHamzah,Leow  Voon Meng(2010).Bilateral Primary Squamous Cell Carcinoma of Breast in a PreMenopausal Woman .Pak.J .Med.Res Vol.49,No.4,2010 pages 138-140


2.Azhar AH ,Pasha MA ,Hassan S,Zainal M,Rashidi A (2009) Inflammatory Pseudotumor of Stomach in an Old Lady-A rare case Report .Int.Med.J,June 2009,Vol.8 No.1 (5 pages)


3.Pasha MA, Hisyam MS, Tarmizi MNM, Azhar AH (2013) Evaluation of Results of Circumcision done in Hospital Raja Perempuan Zainab ii and Circumcision done in the Community Setting .IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Vol.II,Issue2(Nov-Dec2013) pp 73-78, e-ISSN2279-0853,p-ISSN 2279-0861


4.Sathya Maran, Mehboob Alam Pasha,Thirumulu Ponnuraj Kannan (2014) Insights Into Common Microdeletion Syndromes.IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Vol.13,Issue 3 Ver.IV(March 2014) pp 103-110 e-ISSN 2279-0853,p-ISSN 2279-0861


5.Mehboob Alam Pasha,Rezqa Abdullah Husin, Syed Hassan (2015) Influence of Oral and Topical Channa striatus  on Laparotomy Wound Healing in Malnourished Wistar rats IJPSI  International journal of Pharmaceutical Science Invention Vol.4 Issue 5 (May2015) pp 37-41 .e-ISSN:2319-6718.( 2 CITATIONS)

6.Mehboob Alam Pasha,Mohd.Faris Mokhtar,Mohd.Ziyadi Ghazali(2015)A 10-year retrospective review of chest trauma in Hospital Universiti Sains Malaysia,IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Vol.14,Issue8 Ver.IV(Aug.2015)PP68-74 e-ISSN:2279-0858,p-ISSN:2279-0861 (2 CITATIONS )

7.Mehboob Alam Pasha,Faiz Ahmed Mukhriz,Nik Ahmad Zuky(2015) Giant retroperitoneal lipoma presenting as ovarian tumour-the diagnostic dilemma:case report,IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Vol.14 Issue9 Ver.III(Sep.2015)PP65-69,e-ISSN:2279-0853,p-ISSN:2279-0861

8.Mehboob Alam Pasha,Michael Wong Pak Kai,Khairunissa Che Ghazali,Nur Zawani Zainuddin(2015)”Isolated traumatic ruptureof duodenum:Case Report-Perforations,Preferences,Patches and Parachutes”IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences Vol 14,Issue 11 Ver VIII (Nov 2015) pp 78-80

9.Aijaz Ahmad Khan,Mohamed Asnizam Asari,Mehboob Alam Pasha (2015)”The sciatic nerve in human cadavers –high division or low formation” (2015) Folia Morphologica 75 (3) Dec 2015

10.Pasha MA,Nizam MH,Kim CK, Hasan RA, Wan Zainira(2016) “Traumatic evisceration of gastric tumour:Rare Case Report” IOSR Journal of Dental and Medical Sciences  Vol 15,Issue 2,Ver VIII (Feb 2016) pp 89-91 eISSN 2279-0853, p-ISSN 2279-0861

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