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The April 2020 FIA students rose to the challenge of conducting a successful virtual event titled ‘Empowering Your Passion’ with the objective of helping students discover their passion in life as well as build and sustain enthusiasm towards achieving a purposeful life.

Held recently, the 2-hour event which was co-hosted by Ms Natasha Vallini Selvam and Mr Ng Yong Sheng drew in a total of 90 participants consisting of QIU staff and students who were eager to learn about finding out their passion and motivation in life.

The event started off with a video montage from the organisers followed by a very motivating session with Mr Javendra Kumar, a young entrepreneur who was passionate in following his dreams and has successfully launched his own business. He shared tips on how to managing one’s finances as well as encouraging students to be brave in exploring their interests.

Next up, the event also had the pleasure of inviting national runners, Mr Loganes Thilaganathan & Mr Magendra Arjunan as well as Perak state runner, Mr Kanishkann Nathan. All three gentlemen spoke of the challenges they faced during their training and how they tried to balance between their studies, social life and their passion for running. They showed great determination and motivation to succeed at everything they did and encouraged the participants to also never give up and keep trying hard despite the obstacles that they face in life.

The event concluded with a Q&A session whereby our speakers gave excellent advice to the participants in finding one’s passion, time and stress management as well as making full use of any opportunities that present itself.

On behalf of the organisers, we wish our special guest speakers the very best in their future endeavours and we hope this event has managed to spark students into discovering their own passions in life.

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