About centre


Data Ecosystem Research and Development Centre (DERDC) is a research centre at QIUP, with the mandate to carry out R&D activities, with the goal of researching and developing cutting-edge approaches, technologies and solutions to improve the activities in a data ecosystem in the modern world. Data has become one of the most important resources in modern world and the future. This phenomenon is a result of the blooming internet technologies and usage since the past decades, hence contributing to the huge amount of data which is trafficking through the internet. Data is produced from various activities of the world, from human spending for daily groceries, to the communication of sensors with the satellites. The modern world which consists of various communities, businesses, industries and corporates, has provided an environment in which different types of data are created, converted, transferred, analysed, stored, and visualised for different purposes. This has formed an ecosystem for data, which will definitely bring huge impact to the world and the future. Therefore, data ecosystem has become one of the advancement area for the scholars and the students of a university in carrying out research and development activities.


As one of the research led universities in Malaysia, QIUP bears the responsibility in assisting the corporates and industries in managing their data in the ecosystem, hence solve their problems and improve the efficiency of their operations. DERDC promotes knowledge and skills of the staff and students of the university in developing ICT solutions and products. This eventually fulfil the needs and requirements in computerising and automating the operations from different corporates and industries.



  • To furnish the ICT related programmes of the university with real world problem solving approaches.
  • To distinguish the ICT related programmes of the university with the programmes from other institutions.
  • To promote the solutions and products from the centre to the community, in order to build the reputation of the university.
  • To cultivate multi-disciplinary R&D culture and activities in the university.