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The QIU annual tradition of sea, sand, and spectacle returned this weekend, and there’s no way around it – Bonfire 4.0 was a bonafide blast!


Bigger and better than ever, the event of the year saw our QIU family coming together on the picturesque Teluk Batik beach to honour our university’s heroes and champions while having an awesome seaside vacation.


But the day wasn’t only about celebration, as the staff and students carried out two separate beach clean-ups, as part of our dedicated effort to promote green initiatives.


Upon arriving, our students embarked on the first beach clean-up of the day, led by the QIU Rotaract Club.


In the warm seaside sun, we then launched into our traditional beachside activities, including cricket, football, tug-of-war, selfie-taking, and of course swimming.


During that time, the staff started the second clean-up. As responsible members of the community, the QIU family is committed to protecting and preserving the natural environment, while raising awareness on responsible sustainable practices.


Throughout the event, we were truly proud to see our students leading the clean-up efforts and rejecting single-use plastic bottles in place of reusable containers.


As the sun started to set, we kicked off the night activities by honouring our champions of the past year – students who put our name in lights by continuing our winning tradition in academic, professional skills, and sporting competitions (scroll down to see the full list).


Ranging from taekwondo champions to inspiring innovators, our champions got their moment in the limelight as we feted them while Queen’s majestic anthem ‘We Are The Champions’ played in the background.


It was then time to light the bonfire, and as always, our COO Mr Nicholas did the honours. The flames lit up the night sky as we opened the dance floor with banging music and pulsing lights.


To put a bow on the day’s events, we’d like to thank the staff and students who joined us on the shore – as well as the organising committee who helped put everything together. A special shoutout as well to the cookout crew who worked so hard throughout the evening and night to prepare the delicious food!


We can’t wait for the 5th edition next year, because it’s only going to be better! Not only do we excel in education, sports, and competition, but we also know to party!


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