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Biotech champs Pay Homage to Alma maters

In the words of journalist and philosopher Margaret Fuller, ‘if you have the knowledge, let others light their candles in it.’

After their fantastic triumph at the first-ever World Sustainable Chemistry Challenge in Indonesia last month, our trio of champions took time out of their schedules to visit their secondary school alma maters around Ipoh.

The team of Koh Wing Sun, Cho Kar Ean and Chan Kwong Kian visited their former schools to share their experiences and pay homage to the educators who helped shape their success.

Wing Sun and Kwong Kian were welcomed with open arms at SMK St Michael and SMJK Sam Tet respectively. Wing Sun was greeted by his former principal Mr Sit Wai Yin, while Kwong Kian was met by SMJK Sam Tet Senior Assistant (Administration) Mr Chin Wai Fung and counsellor Mr Chan Wai Keong.

In addition to a warm reception from her principal Ms Wong Sook Kuin, Kar Ean had the opportunity to address Form Five students at her alma mater Perak Girls’ School.

She talked about what it took to win an international competition and the keys to excelling in her chosen field of biotechnology.

Besides reaching out to the young stars of tomorrow in their respective schools, the visits also aimed to strengthen the bonds of friendship between QIU and local secondary schools.

Without the commitment and dedication of these schools and teachers, the University would never have the privilege of being represented by our champions.

So thank you to the secondary schools and congratulations once again to our terrific trio!

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