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Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences!

Our diverse and vibrant community is dedicated to intellectual discovery, to making knowledge matter in the world, and to helping students reach their highest potential. In our technology-driven and ever-changing era, developing and fostering the skills that make us human -creativity, critical thinking, empathy, communication  and cultural  understanding – are valued  regardless of what career path you choose. The Social Sciences teach us to understand the world we inhabit and offer us the knowledge and insight to imagine different futures. Our curriculum and our faculty provide diverse perspectives to shape students minds and actions while increasing awareness in the pursuit of academic excellence, as they prepare for a 21st-century career. Our students seek to understand the nature of people and society, unlocking new data that holds a mirror up to the world. By pushing the boundaries of our understanding of what it means to be human, our students give a voice to communities that traditionally haven’t had one and shine a light on the blind spots within our society. We offer interdisciplinary pathways that will give you  the practical tools you need to make a positive impact on your community, and beyond.

We hope you will join us in our mission!

Prof. Dr. Chan Nee Nee

( Dean )

About the Faculty

School of English focuses on producing skillful teachers of English as a second language and raising the English proficiency levels of university and pre-university students.

School of Communication converges the tools and skills necessary for graduates to succeed in today’s highly fluid global communication,information and media landscape.

School of Psychology, General & Foundational Studies in graduates a deep appreciation for the key aspects of human behavior and the means to positively  shape them.

School of Education aims to cultivate in graduates the passion for transforming lives through  education, both adult and early childhood

At the Faculty of Social Sciences, our educational philosophy is underpinned by five pillars -namely experts, experiential learning, engagement,  enrichment  and  excellence

Experts are our stellar cast of industry professionals who teach the programs.

Experiential learning through a steady stream of real-world projects is how we believe students learn best.

Engagement through social responsibility , whether in-house or community-based, is essential to building character and civic mindedness

Enrichment in learning comes from the deeply immersive experience our programs offer through state-of-the-art studios and labs

Excellence is our vast corpus of student achievements and the glowing reviews they give us.

Organisation Chart

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