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Foundation In Science @ QIU

THE FOUNDATION IN SCIENCE (FIS) programme is a three-semester programme tailored to equip students with the knowledge and skills they need to successfully enrol in the undergraduate courses of their choice. The FIS programme offers a broad range of core courses that give students more options before they decide on their undergraduate programme.

Core science courses such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology form the main thrust of this programme. Students have the option of selecting relevant subjects based on their career pathway. They are given early exposure to the courses relevant to their choice of degree programmes, helping them to develop and become familiar with scientific, theoretical, and practical skills. Students will also develop life skills through subjects like Critical Thinking, Interpersonal Communication and Frontier Studies which will make them more adaptable, confident, and team-oriented.

Education Pathway

Foundation in Science

Why QIU?


Our stellar cast of industry professionals who teach the programmes.

Ts. Dr. Magaret Sivapragasam

Ms. Thiagaletchumi Maniam

Mr. Yusni Aizat Bin Yusof

ChM. Ms. Nur Mashitah Binti Mustaffa Albasre

Ms. Mahthavi Jeyandran

Ms. Jenifer Ann Felix Leo

Ms. Noor Hafizah Binti Abdul Halim

Ms. Nur Aqilah Khadijah Binti Rosili

Dr. Maisara Shahrom binti Raja Shahrom


Learning through a steady stream of real-world projects is how we believe students learn best.


Biology Workshop

A workshop meant to expose the students to various elements of biology such as plant biotechnology, applied entomology and cloning. During the first half of the event, FIS students re-enacted a scene from a Crime Scene Investigation, where they learned what was involved in solving crimes using forensic entomology principles.  The day continued with a plant tissue culture laboratory session where the students were taught the basic principles of conservation followed by a hands-on session in plant tissue culture techniques.

Career Day

FIS students were exposed to various career paths in the field of STEM. Various faculties came to brief the foundation student on their respective courses and demonstrate practical sessions. The students got their own feel of futuristic gadgets and real-time laboratory experiments.

Ecological Studies

Students explored basic principles of ecology by analysing various biosis and abiosis components in the ecosystem. Students successfully acquired skills to identify species and their abundance by using ecological instruments and apparatus.

Frontier Studies Exhibition

A platform for the students to demonstrate the knowledge that they have learned throughout their foundation studies under five components of science i.e. (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Information Technology). 


Learning through social responsibility, whether in-house or community-based, is essential to building character and civic-mindedness.

Parents-Lecturer Feedback Session

During this feedback session, parents of the Foundation students were invited to meet the lecturers on a one-to-one basis. The FIS lecturers provided valuable feedback and discussed the academic performances of the FIS students.



Our vast corpus of student achievements and the glowing reviews they give us.  

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